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    I don't know what I did wrong~ but I excitedly awaited a possibly reponse from 2 folks that PM'ed regarding this hunt/area, and nothing shows in my 'sent box'. Operator error I guess.

    Anyhow, we applied for hunts in an area that we could get to. And were lucky enough to get drawn. Didn't get the much coveted bison draw, but we're thrilled with a moose tag.

    Anyone kind enough to give me info about this particular hunt/area would be greatly appreciated. I'm not expecting anyones secret area (though, that'd be awesome!), just useful info about the area in general, where we may start (or not start), where we may want to stay or anything else. We'd like to have a fun adventure and primarily get some good food in the freezer for our family. Not gonna lie though, my husband said he'd love for me to get an opportunity to shoot a spectacular animal!

    I'll watch the forum & pm is always fine too.

    Thank you! Tammy, Sitka

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    Get a Hunters Education card if you don't already have it because you will need it to access the military land. Large portions of the area are military land. Lots of good road access - nice tag to draw. Put in for it myself but wasn't quite so lucky. I would start at for a place to stay. Decent accommodations with good access to the hunt area. If you have a specific question I have a bit of knowledge from the area and may be able to help. Send me a PM and I may be able to steer you in the right direction.


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