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Thread: Different outlook on draw permits...

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    Default Different outlook on draw permits...

    It seems like every year once tags come out, people come on the forums asking questions and seeking information about the tag they drew. There are usually 2 different types of responses. Some people genuinely try to help those asking questions; others immediately reprimand them for putting in for a tag about which they know nothing.

    I can understand a little bit of frustration, and before some super search savvy person finds where I've done it, before, I'll admit - I've probably asked someone to try the search function or know more about an area before they apply, etc.

    But, it occurred to me that I also put in for a few random tags each year knowing absolutely nothing about the area for the permit. Why? I may otherwise never see that part of Alaska. I look at it as a way to force me to get out and see different parts of the state. If a person draws a tag and doesn't know much about the area, at least they're on here seeking advice from someone that may have been/hunted there before. Give 'em a little slack, they're trying to do the right thing. Wouldn't you rather have someone on here looking into the permit and making a plan to hunt it rather than sitting at home not knowing about the area and deciding to just not hunt it? Seems like if a fellow outdoorsman is willing to put the tag to good use, regardless of the knowledge of the area, we should try to help out. From this point forward, I'm going to try to help those who are asking about areas with which I'm familiar and I think the site would be better if most would try to do the same. Another thread talks about how most people don't want a point system because it's somewhat discouraging to a new hunter - see where I'm going?

    Just my perspective, I've seen a few this year and it always seems to be the same. I was in that boat a few years ago and received some really good advice and will pass on any knowledge I have, albeit slim, to those wondering. No one is asking you to give your secret spots away, but you can give sound advice about an area without divulging honey holes. I'm probably just as guilty as anyone else, but I'm going to try to help out where I can from now on.

    Sorry to rant, I've just been thinking about this since tags came out.

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    I like your outlook there are some great responses and some negative ones. As a fairly new guy to Alaska with limited hunting experience any good advice is helpful.

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    Well ya know what momma used to say.......If ya ain't got nothin' nice to say, then don't say anythin' at all....

    (Now if I can only heed her advise)

    I try momma......really I do...!!!
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!

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    Chalk it up to sour grapes. Certainly not the root of all the negativity, but I'm sure its more prevelant than most would admit. Heck I'm guilty of it, seeing someone post a question about a tag that I've been coveting for 20 years. Human nature man. Agree with 4mer as well.
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    I have often thought about writing a post like this as well because I also put in for tags in areas I know little or nothing about. The research and planning to visit a new area are something my son and I look forward to. I don't blindly apply, I look at an area and determine if I have the skills, equipment or $ to make the hunt a reality.
    I have however refrained from writing because I have seen the beating the poor guy or gal that asks for info, post drawing can receive. I really like this forum and admire a number of it's members and view it most days. The one thing about it I don't like is the " experts" who berate the ones who come here to try and gain the some knowledge that could make them better hunters or outdoors men/women. I'm sure there are many who simply lurk and seldom post for fear of being belittled by the elite.
    Let's try and be a little more welcoming for those of us who could use a little help or insight.

    My 2 cents

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    I don't put in for tags I haven't at least researched with my google legs, I don't want to find out I cant get into an area and reduce the chances for a guy who could. Having said that ADF&G obvioulsy accounts for the no shows in their number of tags issued and the no shows clearly benefit the guys who do go do maybe its no big deal?


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