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    I sure hope this doesn't sound like a DUH! question. I have a '96 Yamaha Kodiak 400. I put a set of Mud Lite XLs on the back, size 26-10-12. Got a smoking deal on them. I need to get a set of fronts, and wondered if putting a set of 25-8-12s, same model tire, would be okay. I know that will raise up the back and/or lower the front 1". Would this really much about with handling? I don't run hard and fast. I have to admit that the 25-8-12s costing $20.00 less per tire may play a part in this thought. Thanks


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    If you have 4 wheel drive on your machine, you probably don't want to mix tire DIAMETERS, as it will mean that your front geartrain will be operating at a different speed than you rear. Therefore, if your rears are 25, I'd stick with 25s for the fronts as well.

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    sr12345 is right. Don't do it!!

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    Default tire size

    Thanks for the info, I'll get some 26-9-12s for the front.

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    that what i have on my Big Bear 350 i love them
    never miss match tire sizes on four wheel drives of any kind

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    I concur with the others. If you have a different diameter tire on the front than you do on the rear and you drive in 4 wheel drive you will very quickly have a catastrophic failure of a major drivetrain component.

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