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Thread: Called in my first lynx

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    Default Called in my first lynx

    Well today was the end of lynx trapping season, if I remember the regs correctly.. Can't find them... Anyhow I went out before dark to pull all of my traps and do a little calling from my stand. Maybe I could get a crack at a coyote or wolf. After twenty minutes in comes a dandy lynx, would have been the perfect setup if it was a month and a half earlier and I had a small rifle. He just stopped there in the opening for two or three minutes. And no camera!! Then he walks off so I give a couple low squeaks on the call. He never reappears so I stand up and get ready to climb out of my stand and there he is! Right behind me, just watching... Well I've been had! He walks away calmly and I headed home. Glad to know I sounded convincing with my new call ( a valentines day gift from my thoughtful wife). I learned valuable things today and over the last few weeks while pursuing these cats. Next year I can refine things a bit, I'm sure ill still make lots of mistakes but the fun of this outing and all the others was priceless. No photos or pelts to show but great memories were made. Wolf hunting all weekend! On to the next adventure!

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    Excellent! There is something absolutely amazing about watching a lynx come slinking in on the hunt. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    I'm heading out this morning for three days of calling. Hopefully I'll find one or two willing to come in as well.

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    Nice job seacowboy it's a great feeling isn't it!!! Keep it up!!!


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