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Thread: '96 Yamaha Kodiak 400

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    I just picked up a '96 Yamaha Kodiak 400. It has about 800 miles on it and is in REALLY great shape. Starts right up, runs very well, shifts just fine. It looks like it is about a year old. Anyone have any experience with this workhorse? Thanks

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    I picked up a 94 Kodiak 400 not too long ago. Could tell it wasn't necessarily well cared for, but some maintenance and a little TLC and it's running strong.
    I had heard this model is as tough as nails. The only thing I don't like is the full time 4wd. (makes it feel like it should have one more higher gear when going down the trails). The next rig I get I want switchable 2wd/4wd.

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    I own a 95 that has had the crap beat out of it. Everyone always makes fun of it until after we ride. Its been a great 4 wheeler. My brother ripped the front drive shaft out of it on the rex hauling a moose but still made it out. It has its problems but it wont quit!


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