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    Almost ready to pull the trigger on an enclosed snowmobile trailer. Most of the time it will live in Willow, so my concern was how much of a snow load can they take before you have roof problems? I hate shoveling off the open trailer, but I know it can handle the load.

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    I've never had an issue with snow on my trailer. Granted the most its ever seen on it is about 3', but no issues.

    However, I am looking to sell it as I've used only once in the past 2 years...

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    What is it or point me to an ad if you have it listed. Thanks.

    OP- Depends on the wetness of the snow. Had a couple feet of heavy wet on mine in valdez one night before I shoveled it and hit the road. I think the snow around Willow is generally lighter so I agree with AK lanche.

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    I have a 2 place enclosed for sale. Vee nose, interstate one trailer, man door, drop down front and back so you can ride through, torsion tandem axle, elec brakes, ski slides inside, paneled in plywood, interior and exterior lights, etc...
    Selling it cause I bought a 4 place, same model.
    PM if interested.

    Oh yeah, they hold lots of snow, never had any issues with it sitting at Deshka landing all winter.


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