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Thread: I'll be the first

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    Default I'll be the first

    So I drew these tags, what are they? DS165, DB293.

    What animals are they for?
    Where are they?
    How do I get there?
    Can I drive or do I have to fly?
    How big of a gun do I need?
    What are the dates?
    Can I drive right up to it or do I have to do any walking?

    Ok, in all reality, I'll be looking for a few tips on the DS165 as I can't scout it pre season but that'll be a different thread

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    Well, you certainly are not the first since AGL decided to spam the hunting forum with a number of other, very similar, useless posts (I think a number of his were deleted as spam already). Thanks for adding to the junk others have to sift through to find posts with at least a little content.


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