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    We had a thread going not too long ago on eskimo bows. In it I referenced some work a buddy had done and had published on cable backed bows and one that was here locally in squarebanks at a novelty shop at one point. Took me a long time to realize what I was looking at till he invited me to check out his work. The bow at the shop was much different than these but here you'll see what I believe and what he had found is more likely used in the far north for a hunting weapon when it comes to bowhunting.

    It's a pretty good video though its in french...I can hardly speak english so if anyone cares to translate, its for viewing enjoyment of a time not so long ago.....

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    Netsiilik series "People of the Seal" with Itternmonyak the InuitMEskimo Hunter and his wife Tingook.
    These folks are Canadian Inuit, much different from Northern Alaskan Inupiaq, and a very noticably different dialect spoken.

    made in 1965, these folks live a year round with a camera crew winter, summer, ect.
    The bows there inthe High Canadian Arctic at Netsiilik are made of bones, antlers, sinew. most al wood there is drift woods and of very poor quality for bow staves.

    Theres like 16 different chapters to the story, as well as a couple 'condensed' versions.
    Also, theres an English narration out there.

    fact is, Iternmonyak and Tingood and their child all appeared in "Never Cry Wolf" years later, the Old man, the Wife, the kid who hunted Wolves for a new set of teeth.........
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    Thanks Tradbow, I really enjoyed that. It looks like those are the original takedown bows. Lots of work to make but lots of fun to shoot. Useful for stalking small game, birds, and snow people but I would think of limited utility for larger game like caribou or seals. It certainly would not be my weapon of choice for bear defense!

    Thanks for the added information Stranger. Once again, your store of knowledge adds a new dimension to the topic.


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