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Thread: Black Bear Smell?

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    Default Black Bear Smell?

    I have heard of people soaking a rag in Diesel Fuel and putting it in the top of a small tree to attract blacks. Has anyone done this, had any sucess?

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    Default Rag

    I know nothing about bear's but,I do know in texas to hunt hog's they will soak corn in it for the smell and taste or pour it right on the ground.The hog will dig and root on the spot .

    Don't know about bear's but pig love it


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    Don't know about deisel, but you aren't supposed to pour grease or anything right out on the ground. If you do pour liquid on the ground, you have to clean up all the contaminated dirt at the end of season.

    I would think that a rag soaked in fish oil or a similar liquid would work better than deisel, but I've never used it so who knows.



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