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Thread: Another pot puller question

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    I have checked out the Ace line hauler and the puller from donalson net and gear. The two differences that I find is that one is aluminum and one is stainless steel. The big difference is that the ace draws 10 amps the one from donalsons draws 25. I am assuming this is a maximum draw on the amperage. Now for the question, Is the 25 amp motor a bigger motor that is going to last longer and work better than the ten amp or is it just going to use up more energy ? The difference is 50 bucks also but that would be cheap if it is worth it.
    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.....and I know this is the place to get free opinions.

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    Don't know on the power draw issue, but I have an ace. I had a problem where my trusty dechhand didn't pin in the arm correctly (didn't pin at all) and the arm fell off into the water. I contacted Ace to order one and they sent me to Dewey's and called Dewey's and told them to take one from an inoperative puller and give it to me at no cost. That kind of customer service is worth alot. Especially when I explained it was user error.
    I've used it three seasons and really like it.

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    Actually, Fusion King changed the pot puller on us this year. Last year it was a 25amp motor using a custom (2) pin mount. This year it is a 40amp motor using the (1) pin scotty model 1023 mount (standard downrigger mount). The manufacture said that lot of people were returning the custom mounts in exchange for the scotty's.

    Far as which is better, it ultimately comes down to the end user's preference.


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