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    Default Russian River Kings

    Like the early and late sockeye runs, the Russian River also has a run of kings. The F&G has been counting these for a decade or so and except for 2009 the runs seemed to be headed toward extinction. The runs are recorded here:

    The upper Kenai has been closed to all fishing for kings for some years so these fish get little attention. Like the Russian River sockeye I assume these fish are a distinctive run. Since these fish would be part of the late run, should their survival be considered as part of the Kenai management plan? I'm betting if someone wanted to make an example out of these fish the situation for fishing on the Kenai could get real interesting!
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    Dave's creek ( tern lake outlet) also has a run of kings that has nearly gone extinct as well.... Couple years ago I went there to use the bathroom.... A native family was spearing them..... I called the troopers, they said it happens every year... But that they'd swing in and check it out jus in case.... No citations written as far as I could find out.....

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