Hi Guys! We've been hard at work this year getting ready for our 37th annual show. Next Friday and Saturday February 22nd and 23rd we will be at the Dena' ina Center. Tickets are selling out quickly for Saturday night. Friday night tickets are available and we have a great show. We will be giving away more than 100 guns, jewelry, art, gear, furs, as well as some great hunts from all over the world! We have a drop off Brooks Range sheep hunt with Bushwacker Air, 1 Australian, 5 New Zealand, many Namibian and South African Safaris, some great North American big game hunts, as well as bird hunts here in Alaska, the lower 48, and international. We have several bow hunts for whitetail, elk, antelope and African safaris. You can purchase tickets online from our website. Friday night tickets are $50 and Saturday night tickets are $85. For anyone wishing to purchase a table please call me at 907-947-0983. Thanks!