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    im considering building a retirement home on pow and have a few questions. 1 security. I will be absent 1 to 6 months at a time and wonder about the areas that are less prone to break ins and theft. 2. fishing, hunting ,trapping. what are the best areas? 3. firewood availability. is it easy to come by or a royal pain? my work season runs from April through October and takes me all over the state so for now im limited to November through march for on island activity . im going to be visiting the island in march to check things out. perhaps there is an issue I should be aware of? I have lived and worked in se for many years, just never pow. sold my place in Juneau, had to get away from the fun police. any helpful info appreciated

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    I have friends who own a nice cabin on Resurrection Bay. Their reoccurring problem over 20 years is that people treat it like it’s open to the public.

    Typically, several times a year, they would find that people had entered and remained at least one night. The place was often left a mess, stacks of firewood burned, and propane tanks would be empty.

    My friends tried locking the door during their absences, but the door would be forced open. They grew weary of fixing the door jam, so they stopped locking the door. They’re not really the kind of people who would place “no trespassing” signs everywhere. Still, it was plain to see that the cabin was private property.

    One evening my friends came to the cabin and found a boat tied up at their dock. My friends continued to the dock, and three men came out of the cabin, one with a rifle, threatening my friends and demanding that they leave, because it was “their cabin”. It was ironic that the men did not know they were talking to the owners. Instead, they presumed my friends were squatters like themselves.

    My friends ignored the men’s threats, and entered the cabin and began their normal activities like they owned the place (because they did).

    After a while, the three men began to realize what they had done, and after they sobered up, became very contrite.

    There are a lot of people who will believe they are entitled to the shelter offered by a cabin they find, even though they are not injured, freezing, lost, or sick. They will be in no distress at all and yet will use other peoples’ cabins at will.

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    P.O.W. is vastly different from the Seward area. Seasonal cabins/homes are pretty common down there. I have looked into the same thing you have boodog and I came to the conclusion that my best bet would be to hire a neighbor to keep an eye on the place and to really go overboard on securing the home. I am far from an expert having only visited the island twice, but the only place I would steer clear from would be the Naukiti area. It was the only place I went to that I felt uncomfortable. Everywhere else seemed pretty darn nice. As for firewood, when I was last there you could get a permit from the USFS and collect firewood from all the left overs from logging areas.

    Fishing is everywhere on the island, as is hunting. I know a couple areas that were absolutely crawling with marten for trapping(running down the road in daylight)
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