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Thread: Going black bear hunting in whitter...any tips?

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    Cool Going black bear hunting in whitter...any tips?

    My dad is takin me hunting for my first black bear here in a couple of weeks i whitter, may 19-27. Were takin the boat. Does anybody have any tips on that area? Thanks
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    Welcome to the forums, princess! Glad to hear that you've got a hunt planned with your father. You should be out there in the perfect date range for bears in Prince William Sound. Do you know about where you're heading out of Whittier? That might help people make better recommendations to you. As for tips, all I can tell you is to bring a pair of binoculars and use them A LOT. The bears should be moving around, foraging on early green shoots and grass. Focus your spotting on the newly green areas, but scan every bit of open area that you can find. Also, if you have any control over how far you're going, once you get past Culross or Esther Islands you should start seeing fewer people, thus less competition and less skittish bears. Good luck to you, and let us know how it goes!

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    I agree with what Brian said; spend LOTS of time glassing the shorelines. Low tide seems to be the best, since there is more shoreline exposed. Don't be afraid to glass the same area over and over again. The bears can wander out at any time. Last year we had many, "Hey, where'd he come from?" moments.

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    My hunting partner says,

    "I've seen a lot of stumps that looked like bears,


    I've never seen a bear that looked like a stump."

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    Default Your Whittier Hunt

    I have made a few bear hunting trips there over the years. My 2 daughters took their bears there. In a few years it is my grandkids turn. You can see bears on any hill side once you leave the harbor. It gets a lot more hunting pressure then years ago. Please don't take this as an insult but why don't you tell your father to P.M. me for more info. It would help to know how big his boat is and if he has been there before. Buy the book called a "Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound" before you go. If I can help I will and I hope you get a bear! Every father should take their daughter on a bear hunt to Prince William Sound!


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