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    moving to ketchikan in july with my wife and 2 small kids (active duty)
    we are all avid shooters, and i myself love to hunt.
    are there any ranges in the ketchikan area, Can i just drive into the woods and target shoot?
    Im coming from being stationed in new jersey were if u get seen with a bb gun you get the cops called on you.

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    Youíll find a boat more useful than a car there. Canít say on the range or shooting spots but there will be far more than in Jersey.
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    Yes, you can drive out in the woods and shoot without getting in any trouble. There are two firing ranges in town. One for the locals out the highway at about mile10 or so, and the Coast guard has a range that may or may not be open to Coasties. First thing you need to know about Ketchikan is the rain season, it's from Jan 1st - Dec 31st. With a few sunny days in between. Some people it doesn't bother and others it drives them crazy. A good skiff for Ketchikan is a can then fish, hunt, and travel around the islands to go beach combing or just to get away from the crowds. Scratch that thing about the coming from Jersey the population of Ketchikan is only 13K during the summer and approx. 9k through the winter, I suspect the crowds want be an issue for you. Enjoy! I like it here.


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