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Thread: New to the trails around Pt Mac

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    Default New to the trails around Pt Mac

    Hello everyone,
    I live on KGB and just started venturing out for some trail riding. My buddy and I wandered out towards Point Mac and found a couple promising looking trails last week. Yesterday we took one of the trails out from Point Mac road. After a little research it looks like it was trail 14. We were heading towards Big Lake.

    Well as we explored we found we were on a huge groomed, marked, and well maintained trail system. I was excited. I never knew it existed right down the road from my house.

    The only thing is I can't find any trail maps anywhere. The one map I found shows trail 14 and that's about it for the area. We rode 47 miles yesterday and never ran the same trail twice.

    Is there a better map of the area somewhere?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    check with the polaris or cat shops in big lake they should have the maps

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    left hand side click on trails....

    all the maps you can use.


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