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Thread: What to fish for?

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    Default What to fish for?

    My buddy and i are making plans to float the Kenai this weekend in our 9 ft pontoons. But we dont know exactly what we should fish for this time of year? Ive been down there and fished for reds in the summer, but i havent fished it this early. Anybody out there have any suggestions?

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    Kenai is closed above skilak, a 3 mile row to the middle river (no motor allowed on your boat), fish for dollies I guess, pretty much the only thing in there thats not spawning.
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    depends upon what stretch you're fishing. technically, you can fish for dollies below skilak, but i don't really know of people that do it this time of year because rainbow fishing is closed - and it's next to impossible to distinguish the difference between fishing for rainbows and fishing for dollies. but technically you could fish for them below skilak, or anywhere in the lower river, and probably do ok. the river is open to king salmon fishing, and although there aren't a ton in the river yet, there have been a couple caught already, so it wouldn't be a complete waste of time, and it should get better and better as time goes on now. the lower stretches would be the place to do this. no bait at all anywhere in the river right now.
    this gets me thinking.... does anyone out there try and fish for dollies this time of year??? if so, have you ever been questioned by F&G, and what did they say? technically, it's legal...but how could you convince someone that you're not fishing for rainbows? i'm very curious if this is something anyone out there has been bold enough to attempt.
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