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    Default 2013 Seattle Boat Show

    The show is done and gone but it was pretty impressive. We haven't been for a few years but it would appear the economy is rebounding a bit. Here are some pics of the boats on display...We went on the Friday before the final weekend. This was the night where you could buy 10 tokens to sample micro-brews from around the area while looking at boats and shopping for accessories. Great times!!!!


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    Default More info

    A couple more pics... As I wrote in the previous post, this was the sales and ales night. It gave me an excuse to buy a few items one of which being an ultra light emergency raft by Winslow. They were offering an ultralight version (it's not on the website) but its like the standard offshore yet only weighs about 30 lbs.

    Some other ideas that I need to land in order to accessorize this winter is Vision X lighting. I had a sunspot in my vision for the rest of the night after I stared into a light bar and pressed the on button. I didn't get them at the time because I had to come back home and measure a few items.


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    Default More boats

    A few more pics...


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    Default More...

    They also stacked them in tight at Lake Union...


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    Default More from Lake Union

    We certainly won't see a boat like this at the Anchorage show.


    I thought the arch over the radar was unique...don't know if this brings a different set of issues but it appears to be a solution to keeping your GPS and other antenna from being in the same plane as the radar.

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    Nice pics of the show. We went the first Monday and couldn't believe the number of $1 mil + boats with sold signs! Economy must be picking up. The best part of the show has always been for me the equipment vendors, way more than the Anchorage show. And the free cup of chowder at FXMcCrory's, a good excuse to go slurp some oysters!

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    thanks for the pics...good show to dream at! That boat "Moochie II" in the second picture of your first set looks sweet, did you look closer at it? What was it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cap'n Ron View Post
    thanks for the pics...good show to dream at! That boat "Moochie II" in the second picture of your first set looks sweet, did you look closer at it? What was it??
    A mid-30 footer Armstrong Cat. Good looking boat.

    Eagle Craft was at the Lake Union portion but didn't check out there boats. There were a lot of Alloy boats but the real show for me was upstairs for the accessories!!!

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    That looks like a place I could spend a couple days at. Pretty cool seeing all the big boy toys in your pics.


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