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Thread: Rhino lining bottom of wave runner???

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    Default Rhino lining bottom of wave runner???

    I've been wanting to take my older wave runner out on some rivers due to the fact that I bought a newer for lakes. I've heard of people Rhino lining the fiberglass bottoms of the wave runner to give it added protection when sometimes hitting a sand/gravel bar. Does anyone have any experience with this. Does it help???


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    Can you get a smooth finish? All the linings I have seen are rough so I would think they would induce a LOT of drag.

    I'm really surprised some company hasn't come out with an add on plastic "skid plate" like for the tubs of snowmachines. If it was molded to fit the boat and rivited on, I think it would be great for bashing rocks then. Maybe there are issues with working around the intake or something....

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    Total truck has a nice spray on bedliner that would work


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