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Thread: Best place in anchorage to go after pike?

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    Default Best place in anchorage to go after pike?

    What would you guys consider to be the best place to go after pike? I'm not really interested in any size just a pike seeing that I have never caught one before. I've heard people mention lower fire lake but I don't know where on that lake to actually set up for pike and I've heard talk about sand lake holding pike but didnt the fish and game this last summer poison the lake? Anyone know if their are any pike still alive in there? Any information and tips in catching the pike would be greatly appreciated.

    Ps. If you see a red eskimo 3 man ice house and a white rav 4 in a lake parking lot that's me so swing by and say hi, my name is Larry.

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    The ever-elusive Anchorage pike. I used to think they didn't exist! There are some in lower fire lake, but I've been out there three times and never had a bite from anything. You might chalk that up to human error, or you might not. I did finally catch a pike in Otter lake, on JBER a couple of weeks ago. But I don't know how thick they are in there.. What I mean is I've spent about 10 hours out there now fishing and seen 2 fish, one of which I caught. That doesn't mean they're not there.. I don't really know what that means, actually.
    You are correct, Sand lake was poisoned and no longer has any.
    Your other option would be to go out to the valley, I know lots of guys on here do that. Red shirt, Nancy and Big lake are all supposed to be good.
    Anyway, hope you catch one, let me know if you do, I'm always looking to get into some pike not too far from home.

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    Chaney lake used to have some in it. I haven't fished there in a few years so I don't know if there still there or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ak Bird Brain View Post
    Chaney lake used to have some in it. I haven't fished there in a few years so I don't know if there still there or not.
    Pike (and everything else) were eradicated from Cheney a few falls ago, so only stocker trout and salmonids in there now.

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    Fire Lake isn't that hard to figure out, just follow the trails across the lake to the areas where others have been fishing. No question that there aren't near as many pike there as there were 5-6 years ago, but you can still probably expect a flag or two per day. Last time we were there we had 4 tip-ups out and only had 3 flags go off all day long...and didn't connect with any of them.


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