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Thread: Spring PAINTING...........Magazines.

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    Default Spring PAINTING...........Magazines.

    Color Coded Magazines. Today I painted the AR-15 Magazines that house the 62 gr. Green Tipped, Steel Core .223/5.56 ammo. These magazines are a pale green to match the green tipped ammo.

    Next week the AR-15 Magazines that house the 115 gr. 6.8 SPC ammo will get a coat of reddish brown paint.

    Hopefully mitigating the chance of have the wrong ammo.

    The firearms are also color coded. With colored Duck-Tape.

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    Over the years I carried a few of the M-16 variants for my fellow tax-payers, I had some mags with two loops of tape around them so I could tell which ones had tracers in them. Not only could I SEE the difference, but in the pitch dark I could FEEL the difference.
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