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Thread: Airplane access and bear baiting?

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    Default Airplane access and bear baiting?


    I have an Arctic Tern (similar in size to a Super Cub) and am interested in setting up a bait station (I'm in Wasilla). I have an area mostly identified on the West side of Cook Inlet, and I have a couple fo rookie questions:

    1. For a remote bait station, do you use a barrel or simply a stack of logs?
    2. If you use a barrel, how do you transport it to the site with the plane? A barrel is not exactly aerodynamic. Do you remove both ends and strap it on so air flows through the "tube"
    2. Preferred bait? Last fall I used a mixture of Ol' Roy, Sweet feed, and a little molasses, which seemed to work pretty well. I had lots of hits, but didn't shoot a bear (I spent a lot of time stocking the pantry and spent little time actually hunting).
    3. I'm on Bush Tires, any suggestion on where to go?

    If would be willing to share your favorite spot with me I would be happy to help keep the station stocked with bear goodies. I don't have a lot of free time, but the plane makes me pretty mobile.

    Feel free to PM me if you would like to "share" a station.



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    Steve, I would forget the barrel since your using a plane. find a log and shove the bait under it (make them work for there groceries). After you stuff the bait throw a bunch of deadfall over it. The bears will remove it trying to get to the bait, plus its kinda an early warning system for you. if the deadfall is gone a bear has been or still is there. This is how we do our station and it works pretty good.

    I use atta boy and hershey syrup myself. in 18 years at bear camp we average 3-4 days until our site gets hit. of course we bait up north and they may have more of a sweet tooth compared to south central bears.

    for the rest of your question, I cant give any ideas on.

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    A buddy of mine was doing something similar to what you are doing and 5 gallon buckets work pretty good. Doing what Blink said by covering the buckets with deadfalls but yet the buckets help keep the weather out of your grub so it doesn't get wet and ruined. Stinky grease in 1 gallon containers and the rest as normal (scents and such). I would get in the air and try to find somewhere to land that is close to mixed timber and hills and let her rip. I knew a guy years ago that used to bait north of fairbanks using a cub for access and he killed some monsters in the remote country and had lots of bears on his baits.

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    I'd look for a sandbar on the yetna or skwetna rivers that you could access the shore from then hike into the woods a ways and set up your station, and then you can camp on the sandbar where at least you might be able to see the bears investigate camp before they show up while waitning for 3AM or whatever the airborn rule is (no same day airborne for bears yet right?) plus my observation of bears in the area in the spring is that the blackies never wondered down the the river whereas the browns stayed down there.

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