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Thread: Finger Lake Fishing

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    Unhappy Finger Lake Fishing

    Took a trip this last weekend, a question/concern? Do you really think we ought to be burning pallets on a lake where we fish and swim with all the nails and straps left over I can only imagine what it would do tho the water quality let alone our kids feet should they step on this crap come ice off. Burn it in your yard don't leave it to melt on the lake?

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    I routinely go out there and pick up junk off Finger lake such as logs, pallet remnants, cinder blocks, buckets, 1/2 burned trash from your bonfires, etc... as I live there. I cruise around on the 6X6 Polaris with a dump bed and often fill it every weekend.
    Just imagine if your kid is out there blowing doghnuts on the ice and slammed into some of this stuff frozen to the ice...would not be pretty. It really bothers me that the ice fisherman leave all this crap out there.

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    Simple lack of respect!! I have thrown much of the same in my truck to haul it away. It is very irritating!

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    A good rule of thumb - leave an area cleaner than when you arrived!


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