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Thread: Is there a market for 6.8 SPC Now...AR-15's......??

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    Default Is there a market for 6.8 SPC Now...AR-15's......??

    Is there a market for AR-15's in 6.8 SPC at this time or is it 85% for .223/5.56......??? I guess what I want to know is if you have 6 of each. Would you only expect to sell .223/5.56 at the gun show, and be packing the 6.8's back to the warehouse.....???? FORGET price, just market.

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    Perhaps this isn't directly answering your question but I won't be buying ANY new to me calibers until things settle down because I won't be able to shoot them anyway, no ammo. At least not at prices I want to pay!

    With that in mind, I suspect there is much more ammo changing hands in .223 and its plenty available if your willing to pay for it so i'd say the bigger market is still going to be in .223.

    I was actually interested in getting my old lady a left hand 6.8 before the current crisis but I won't be doing that NOW!

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    I can't see a big market for the 6.8mm right now unless it is to somebody who already shoots that cartridge.

    However, there is a chance that tyings could be looking up.... The communist are loosing some steam with their recent efforts to gut the country.
    No doubt a few more mental patients, will mysteriously obtain some weapons and commit more crimes before they off themselves. But there are so many bigger problems in the country right now, most good citizens see the BS for what it is...
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    If someone has the ammo, I'm sure they would pick it up. Maybe offer a couple boxes of 6.8 with the rifle?


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