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Thread: COATS ; Browning XPO parka vs DIRTY BIRD 4 in 1. ???

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    Default COATS ; Browning XPO parka vs DIRTY BIRD 4 in 1. ???

    Anyone here wear one of the Browning Dirty Bird or XPO 4 in 1 coats ????

    What is your opinion... and how are they size wise...??? Bigger or smaller than other brands ??
    Any fed back about which one might be better than the other?
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    I know it's not the ones you have listed but I bought a 7 in 1 coat from bass pro two years ago and really like it its warm waterproof and sized just right. It's just a tad bulky but doesn't get in the way and it keeps you warm. The price was pretty good too. I can't remember the exact name of it but if you are interested I can look when I get home.

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    I wear cabelas brush buster gortex 4-1 wading jacket. Super warm and never had a problem in 5 yrs of wearing it. Plus you have the additional protection of cabelas customer service if anything ever does happen to it.


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