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    been reloading about 30 years now and i have a question i don't know the answer to. a friend of mine gave me some powder he said was 25-30 years is a 3# can of win. 296 0pened about 2# left the others are 1# cans all opened about 3/4 full. my question is the powder still good? the 1# cans still have that smell of new powder, the 3# can not as strong as new. any comments????

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    So long as it smells good, it's probably fine.
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    Powder can deteriorate over time. Years ago a friend gave me several partially filled cans of powder and one that was almost if not completely full. Most of the powders were fine, but the almost full or full can of 7828 had deteriorated and there was a rust colored powder coating the grains of powder.

    If at all unsure just remember that $20-40 worth of powder isn't much compared to 100's if not 1000's of dollars worth of gun and even higher costs if you get injured.
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    I ran through a bit of several different cans, that had been tape-wrapped around the lid, and stored
    since the late 50's and some said 1961
    it all worked fine,....tho the velocities were a bit slower

    as Taiga says, the smell tells a lot

    Check out this thread, lots of interesting stuff in there for a 30yr reloader to find entertaining
    lots of answers and comments pertaining to your question here
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    I'm still using Unique from the 60's...smells like new and goes bang...what's not to like.
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