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Thread: Info on entry level kayak carried on ocean boat

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    Default Info on entry level kayak carried on ocean boat

    I am interested in purchasing 2 kayaks to carry on top of my boat that I use in PWS. My main concern is that I want a VERY stabile craft. It will be used by teens and adults in calm water only, to go to and from shore and a little sightseeing close to shore. I would like to keep it close to 10 feet long. Also, I would like to keep it about $500 or less per craft. In this range, are most of them the same and it does not really matter what I get? Or does anyone have some advice for a rookie like me what to look for. Thanks for any input!

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    ive been looking for something like that perhaps a bit more versatile. so far im thinking a nucanoe. really the only craftive found that fits my needs

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    Default I use this one and love it! I got it at the hardware store in Soldotna for $379. I've also seen them at Freds for about the same price. Very stable, light weight One person can lift it up on to the roof and its inflatable so no scratching or dinging the roof up. I've had mine for about 3 seasons now and expect it to last many more. Its capable of hauling a gown man and a nice size black bear. I'm thinking about picking a second one up this spring so I don't have to make so many trips back and forth tho the beach unloading gear and people.
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