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    Was watching the reality series Wild West Alaska (Funny show) on 1/27. Towards the end of the show there was a quick shot of the Whittier launch ramp. Just happen to be the Snow Squal backing down the ramp. Maybe we should have a new reality show on Potbuilder Steve. Could be interesing tryimg to find out his hot spots for shrimping

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    You know I saw that too and wondered if it was him.... Maybe the new show would be called...... wait for it..... wait for it..

    Alaska Potbuilder!

    It could cover the exciting adventures of a guy who builds shrimp pots and commercial fishes in ALASKA... I would expect viewership to be high amongst male boat owners who shrimp in PWS...

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    Pot Wars the Tastiest Catch of wicked shrimp like they used to say in the old days "don't touch that dial"

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    Hell, If this happens I'll have to cave and get cable TV. Not waiting for Netflix. Alaska Pot Wars =


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