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Thread: sloppy dovetail

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    Default sloppy dovetail

    just bought a naa blackwidow and the rear site fell out. the dovetail is very sloppy. any ideas on a fix? over all the finish quality is very good but looks like a gorilla installed the sites front and rear using vise grips and ball peen hammer.

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    You can take a center punch to the flat bottom of the notch/slot, 4 dots in a square will bring it up about .002 or so. If you need more than that you can build up the same area or the bottom of the site base with solder or something, or even a shim. Or you can stake the ears down over the site base but that will show. There are several other places you can dink with a center punch but those are the easy to explain ones.
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    Just a fine tuning point- I prefer not to punch the dovetail on the barrel. Instead I open my vise jaws just enough for the blade to drop down and leave the base of the sight up. Pop the sight base with the punch a few times and it accomplishes the same thing.

    One thing you might also look into (and another reason not to punch the dovetail). Dollars to donuts that sight is metric rather than 3/8". Simply replacing it with an American (3/8") sight will reveal the dovetail isn't sloppy at all. It just has the wrong sight in it.


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