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Thread: Save the Date! - Mat-Su Area!

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    Attachment 67846Has anyone ever been to this? It says Master Gardeners.. can I still learn something from it?

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    MG You do not have to be a master gardeners to attend. Yes you could pick up info. The Mat Su Master Gardeners are putting it on . It would be something good to break up the winter and get you ready for spring. There is a garden club in Big Lake I will get the info for you and let you know where they meet and when.

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    I'm sure you could learn from some thing there. Who better to learn from than people who claim to be Masters.There are a good many people around the valley that are Master Gardeners even if they don't belong to this group. As spring comes look for the plant sales that will be going on all over for a couple weekends. Good places to get some starts you might need. As summer happens there are a few garden tours that take place. I enjoy going to those seeing other folks yard. Around mid july they have moved it back a week this year look for the willow Garden tour just north of you. The one garden you will want to see is Les Breaks- Coyote Gardens. He has a lot of cool flowers. there are a few other great yards up that way.


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