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    Hi all, I have a Sako L16R Finnbear with the full Mannlicher style stock in 30-06. I think it's a pre-Garcia but have never removed the stock to check the import stamp. The serial # is in the might/might not be range. It shoots excellent and the stock is in beautiful shape. My father gave it to me so I'm wary to take it out into the Alaska elements for fear of damaging the stock. I would like to mount the action to a syn stock (Bell & Carlson carbalite perhaps). The rifle is on the heavy side at 9lbs w/out scope so I'm wondering if it might loose some weight with a syn stock. Anyone have a similar action in a syn stock? Could you post pics? Weight? Accuracy? Info on whether you bedded the barrel and who did the work? I have a tikka t3 in 270 so I'm good in the mtn gun dept but it sure'd be nice to take the 30-06 into the willows to chase some moose. The short barrel swings like a gem and the heavy(ish) barrel steadies quite nice.

    Any info advice is appreciated.


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    I've converted a few of the Mannlicher carbines to standard rifle stocked carbines. You'll need a stock for an L61 rifle. Make sure the receiver says L61 and not AV or AIII, as they are different stocks. The B&C carbolite stock is good but don't know if they make one for the older SAKO rifles. I've used McM and MPI. I don't have pics but doubt your rifle weighs 9 pounds. They are catalogued at 7 3/4 to 8# and you could save a half pound with the synthetic, maybe more with some stocks.
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    Thanks Murphy. I pulled the action and barrel last night and compared the whole assembly to my tikka. It's a pound and a half heavier. The mannlicher stock comes in at just shy of three pounds. I'm going to order a stock from B&C. Looks like one of the carbelite's will shave about a pound +/-. Thanks for the info. I was pretty surprised at the 9lbs w/out scope too but the scale doesn't lie. It was a bit much to have hanging off the shoulders for a day in the woods. I carried that Mannlicher for a whole Montana elk season and fell on it twice in the deadfall (no damage thankfully). After that season I bought a Tikka T3 270 and killed two elk with it. The Mannlicher became the "truck" gun while spotting for Muley's and Goats on the backroads of Montana. Drier climate there though. It's a beautiful gun but just not that practical more than a mile from the truck, at least for these shoulders.


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