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Thread: Memory Lake revealed

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    Default Memory Lake revealed

    For those who fished or who want to fish a lake close to home in the Matsu Valley Memory Lake is the ticket. This is the first season for me fishing it and I want to share the hotspots because I feel that this is what the forum was made for to share and help fellow sportsmen increase catches and have an enjoyable outing. That said I have caught 24 pike in this lake with maybe 2 being hammerhandles and the rest over 20 inches. The places to check out for pike would the right of the beginning of the hourglass about 50 yards from shore (this is where the weed bed starts) and string your 5 tip ups (with 5 inch+ herring). The water depth will be from 10-13 here to the opposite shore (all weed bed until 50 yards from other shore). Also caught big char in the same area jigging with a 5 inch croc spoon (silver/blue). The bite rite now is really soft but having an underwater camera helps 10X. The pike also like the 5 inch croc spoon in fire tiger and silver/blue (same for them the bite is soft). this lake from what I can tell from the under water camera is infested with pike and my catch rate is one per every five that come to investigate my spoon. I also caught and limited out on rainbows with a small orange daredevil spoon jigging. The hot spot rainbow spot was 20 yards to the left of the hourglass in about 10 ft of water. The thing to watch out for is normally the small salmon will hang around the bigger char following them and the trick is keeping your jig out of their mouth long enough to get the big char to come in. All big female pike I have caught here had leeches in their stomach so a Mr. Twister type on a jig head maybe work also (haven't tried it yet but just bought some). There is also a weed bed that has produced to the left of the hourglass with the weed bed in almost the same location. Hope this helps it really sucks when you read a forum for info and people are tight lipped. Wish I could post all my pics along with this thread. Also researching Nancy Lake and will post updates on that. Remember, just because you can't drive on a lake don't be deterred because some of the best fishing is where people don't want to walk to.

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    Sounds like you have had some great days fishing out there! Would love to see some pics!

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    i must say i have seen the biggest pike ive ever seen in there and there are many very large ones. i have been catching pike for the last 10 years from there and they seem to just populate more.

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    Nice report! Memory is an ok lake for pike, but your headed in the right direction for better pike fishing when you get around Nancy lake and surrounding lakes.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your Nancy lake adventure!!

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    Sounds like something I can try out this weekend. How is the parking? The lake I am sure is probably snow covered so I'll be on foot when I get there, but looks like the lakeshore is mostly private, is there plenty of room to park a pickup and not be in anybody's way? It'll be nice for a change of target species for a little while anyway. Although it's kinda hard to take a break from the quest for a 20 pound laker.
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