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Thread: 92 indy lite gt

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    Just curious, the stock belt on this sled is a carlisle max # 1092 which is 1 3/16 x 42 3/4, for all newer indy lite gt's it is an 1106 which is 1 1/4 x 43 1/4. I have looked at my primary and secondary and am pretty sure the 1106 will be ok. The extra length is because the belt rides higher in the secondary. Has anyone used the 1106 in the 92? The primary will tollerate it. The 1092 is getting hard to find and I believe when there is a little wear on it my low gear sucks and my engagement is a little high. Any input appreciated.

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    No prior experience with this setup, but the belt being wider could cause your primary to always be engaged/engage at too low rpm. Also, being longer, the belt may ride too far out of your driven clutch as well.
    I would suggest the proper belt size. If the machine has a few seasons on it, your clutch springs could be weak, or even broken, causing the poor engagement. If the belts aren't readily available locally, order an extra or two. Dennis Kirk, JR Graham, Shadetree, Ebay,etc are good sources.


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