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Thread: DPMS LR308 mags.

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    Default DPMS LR308 mags.

    I ordered a few mags about a month ago. Surprise today that they came through for the Internet price on their web page and arrived today. They just might be back in stock if you need any.

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    The DPMS style of mags are patterned from the older Armalite waffle mags. This is the magazine or the original AR-10 rifle and the new Armalite AR-10(A). It is the same as for the KAC Stoner SR -25 rifle and what Knights made for the Navy contract called the MK-11 rifle. Before DPMS made their polymer mags these were very expensive and hard to find, now MagPul makes their fine polymer magazines for this pattern of rifles. Many other rifle makers have joined this Stoner/DPMS/old Armalite waffle magazine pattern and with the MagPul polymers available for about $20 this has become the way to go for any 7.62 caliber AR. Patriot/Hogan, Sig 716, DPMS, Larue, and other rifle makers use these MagPul magazines. I ordered my last batch from Brownell's, don't know about their stock now.

    I have a few of the original Waffle mags for the Armalite rifle and some of the original Stoner mags made by Knights Armament. These used to trade at about $100 each but I see no reason to pay that now with the MagPuls available. The 25 round magazines are still sought but primarily as collector pieces.
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    Cabelas currently has DPMS 308 20rd mags in stock, probably will be gone quick though:

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    Default DPMS LR308 mags.

    Brownells took about 20 days to ship 10 Magpul mags. Ordered at the end of December. Don't know if they are taking backorders any longer.

    The orders may have slacked off since Magpul announced Gen 2 7.62 mags at SHOT, including 25 rounders. I would find out if Brownells or DSG Arms is taking backorders on the current/old version.

    And S&W announced their 7.62 in 3 models. Ambi mag release, ambi bolt catch and release. 7.7 pounds for the lightest model.


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