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    Default Sideboard supports

    I lookin to put sideboards on my cat, and have single frame tubes that run down the center of the cat tubes. I've thought about offsetting it to run double frame tubes, but that is extra weight and a pretty big cost.

    My idea was to run abs pipe under either side of my sideboard, drill a hole through the abs, using two foot sections or so to strap under both sides of the board, then cut strap holes in the middle of the board to connect to the frame tube.

    The only problem is see is that abs can be brittle at times and might crack where I cut it to strap it, I could not cut it and strap it straight around. But then there would be a little movement which I would prefer not to have. I guess I'd have to try it to see how much.

    Id like to stay away from hose clamps like I've seen some guys use.

    Wondering if any of you guys have seen a suitable replacement? Some 3" or so hard foam triangles i could run a strap through would be perfect if I could find something like that. Hell maybe even a stiff pool floatie tube??


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    Default Side rails

    So check these out...these can be mounted using lopros to your frame and can be mounted facing in or out. There are also one piece full length ones aswell.
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    Default Sideboard supports

    I've seen those, but I need something that will go over the top of my frame tube. They might work if my frame was further out on the tube and not centered. Plus with marine ply and abs I'm in about one 6' section of one of those moneywise for my whole raft.

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    If you ran double frame tubes and just used speedrail fittings (instead of lowpros) it would keep your cost down a lot. I can't imagine it would be that much weight for a couple of them and one stick of aluminum.
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    The main problem is that I would have to either cut every cross bar to move the frame rails in and add another bar, or extend out. As it sits now the frame rail in the outside is directly on the center of the pontoon, and I am looking to get a deck on there that will cover most of the pontoon. This is why I'm looking at a full sheet of marine decking ripped in half, and use them on either side. If I just add a rail on the inside, that only gives me about 14-16" to work with until it impinges on my room inbetween the pontoons in the interior deck.

    In a perfect would, My outer frame bars would be out another 6" or so out on the pontoons, and then just adding two supports on either side front and back between my cross members would be perfect. Even if I used my old cross members as those front back supports im still talking in the hundreds just for metal tubing.

    I had also thought about shortening my cross members to bring them in, having the main frame sit in more on the pontoon and adding two frame rails to the outside... but I'm still $132 in tubing + fittings for that even before I get to decking. I'm looking at a 10' frame.

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    And I actually just had an epiphany.... If I just threw a few u-bolts around some abs on either side, that would stop it from moving at all.... use u-bolts on the frame pipe to compress it down it wouldn't shift side to side..... I might just have my answer that I hadn't thought of even for a second before...


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