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Thread: AK Forum on the Environment NPS vs State game regulations

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    Default AK Forum on the Environment NPS vs State game regulations

    The AK forum is next week.

    Here is a link to a presentation on NPS and State of Alaska game regulations.

    Complete Description:
    The National Park Service (NPS) is considering several restrictions to State of Alaska sport hunting regulations in national preserves. NPS-Alaska leadership will present a summary of potential regulations changes, take comments about the proposals, and be available for other questions about NPS operations. Several preserves are proposing to make changes in sport hunting regulations following actions by the Board of Game which liberalized predator seasons and methods of hunting. This session will provide a description of the proposed changes, a discussion of the need for action by the NPS, and an opportunity for public comment.

    Presenters: Joel Hard, Deb Cooper and John Quinley, National Park Service

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    The desire to have the government take care of predators will equal shooting oneself in the foot. The days of hunter caretaker is gone. With football,basketball and Chucky Cheese one can hardley have a weekend for hunting and its not to be wasted on so called non meat when we can cry and get the government involved by vote and dollar.JMOFO
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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