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    Im in the Fairbanks area and keep hearing that access to good areas is mostly by boat. are there any general areas up in the interior that good areas can be accesed via Quad or Vehicle. Not exactly sure where to start looking. Thinking about down around Nenana or up the steese????? I doubt ill get much reply to the last wuestion,but any help would be much appreciated. PM me if you would like to keep it more provate. Not looking for a pinpoint just an idea to shift my exploration thoughts.

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    Dakota, i also live here in fairbanks. you can drive pretty much any direction out of fairbanks and be into bears within 20 miles. thats the beauty of the interior, its still pretty wild without going to far. Last spring i was only 12 miles out of fairbanks and i had bears crawling on me. word of caution though.... i tried up the steese and had no luck. couldnt even find a place that would be suitable for baiting

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    The Steese is better once your get past the summit. The Elliott, just take a drive on most evenings in the spring and you'll see why a boat was recommended... hunters trucks are parked everywhere up there.

    The further you can drive from town the fewer hunters you'll see. Have a look at Google Earth, find some trails and explore.
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    Down the parks used to be pretty good around the Skinny Dicks area. Haven't been up there in a few years now so like was stated earlier look at google earth and find some trails and start exploring. Military land around Eielson can be pretty good if you like to watch Griz eat.
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