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    ok this has happend 3 times in the past 3 days!
    i made some sets for muskrat in a swamp im trapping. I just made feeder hut sets wired to a stick so they jump in and drown..
    well it seems a smart fox has figured this out! the past three days, at the exact same set, a fox has dug up the hut and stolen my rats! thats three rats now! im getting really annoyed! and he is smart too! he likes to leave a muskrat foot in my trap and take the rest! well i guess i have no choice but to set for this fox!

    my only issue is i dont know how to do it! i would like to make a set right near the hut so i can get this little bugger but i have nothing to stake to because its all ice for 200 yards all around me. has anyone ever tried a system for stakeing leg hold trapps in ice? im thinking mebey in ice screw??
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    You can chop a hole in the ice and cable your trap to a short pole run it under the ice cross ways to the hole it works well but can be a ***** getting them out unless you are willing to sacrifice the cable and cut it off when done. You can also freeze the chain into the ice with a snow and water slushy mix if your temps allow. Chop a hole into the ice a few inches down put snow and water mix and 2 or 3 links of the chain and let it freeze. This is how a lot of wolf trappers do it on bare ground or solid ice but you have to have steady cold that will keep it frozen in.
    IF the fox is coming from or departing in the smae direction every day you could try a urine post where it leaves or gets on the ice
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