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Thread: Ever Tried "Silent Running" Noise Dampener?

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    Default Ever Tried "Silent Running" Noise Dampener?

    I'm in the process of resurrecting a 24-foot Bayliner Trophy cabin cruiser. Lots of little things need attention after a few years of storage one of them being the insulation in the engine box of the 5.7 Volvo. I am hearing that the product called "Silent Running", a sound dampening paint - is the real ticket, but at $166.50/gal [then add freight to that] from Fisheries Supply I want to be sure I am not being suckered by the advertising.

    Anyone on here know of a person or shop that is applying this product with success? It is USCG-approved (a "plus", but not always a sign of a bonafide good product) and is water-based so it should be a breeze to apply and clean up afterward. Any background info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I helped put some in a 22 foot aluminum boat a couple years ago. It made some difference... we tested the boat under power with a decimeter before and after and we were pretty convinced we knicked 3-4 decibles off. The deceiving part is that we also added some other products in addition to the paint. Rubber pads under the fuel tank, foam baffles fore and aft, rubber dampening on the underside of the floorboards, etc. In my minds eye, it was a lot of work and expense for merely a couple decibles, but the boat owner was really happy about it so I guess its a case of "to each his own".


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