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Thread: Orion looking at building a 2hp surface drive

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    Default Orion looking at building a 2hp surface drive

    I've been talking with a guy from Orion about a 2 hp surface drive. I guess they built one in the past?

    Got this back today. The price seems a bit high, but interesting. 58 lbs..

    "I'm sorry for the delay. The coast guard recently issued a new set of rules to the mud motor industry and I needed to make a couple of changes and then get approval from our inspector.
    Attached are a few PDF files of what a 2.0 hp surface drive would look like. The design would use the new 2013 long tial drive system which is - permalubes bearings, Noram industrial series clutch, and a chain drive rather than a belt drive. The chain will be lubrication free design, nickel plated and have a tensionor on it. A chain is required to enable the required final drive ratio for the unit. Cad modeling calculations put the final weight at 58lbs. Throttle design would be a lever type that meets coast guard start in neutral requirements.
    Pricing is not finalized yet but early pricing is targeted to be in be in the range of $1875-2075.00 This motor will come with a 2year chassis warrantee and a 3 year motor warrantee. Min build would be atleast 10 motors to be able to get the price in the quoted range.
    We would be able to ship motors to Alaska qty 2 per skid. Shipping is normally about $450-$500 per skid to Alaska."

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    That does seem like a lot, especially for something that won't push you much faster than a paddle. I guess it all depends on what you are planning to use it for, though.


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