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From an ADFG News Release:

300 feet above a smolt trap at River Mile 44.75 closed through June 25, 2007

This is the third year of three that the Division of Commercial Fisheries will operate red (sockeye) salmon smolt-counting equipment in the Kenai River immediately upstream of the confluence of the Upper Killey River, at River Mile 44.75.

Since floating smolt traps and sonar equipment will be anchored to the river bottom, waters within 300 feet upriver of the smolt traps are closed to sport fishing through June 25.

A mooring anchor with two buoys is located approximately 90 feet offshore of the north bank and 200 feet upriver of the smolt traps. A submerged steel cable runs from the buoys downriver to the smolt traps, and two more steel cables run directly from the smolt traps to the north bank. Additionally, a submerged steel cable runs from the north bank to the south bank on the river bottom near the smolt traps.

Anglers and boaters should use extreme caution in this area. To avoid the equipment and steel cables, boaters should stay on the south side of the river. If going downstream, stay in the left side of the river. If going upstream, stay in the right side of the river. Sport fishing gear drifted through this area will likely get snagged and lost on the equipment and cables located under the water.

For additional information contact Mark Willette, Fisheries Research Biologist, (907) 262-9368.

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