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    I donít usually send this type of posting, (actually I don't post much at all, prefering to lurk in the background), as many times they do not interest the general audience. And most times my stated opinion will dredge up someone's internet bravado who will slander my opinion from the security of his easy chair in cyberspace. However, I found this to be a very easy and important way to send a message to our legislatorís. This is not about partisan politics but rather attempting to gain traction with those that are currently in power. You might not like them nor have voted them in but like it or not they hold the chair at the present time. You may find it useful, and if so, please pass along to those that you know who care about our Bill of Rights, specifically with regard to owning firearms and want to see legislators work on the real problem of broken people. We are the good guys, let's behave accordingly. The link supplied takes you to a form that simply asks you to provide your contact information, and it will complete a letter to each representative that comes up on a search of your zip code. You can select and de-select those to receive the letter and then it will automatically forward a completed form letter on your behalf. Pretty simple way to be involved.

    The down side is by providing the info there is a chance that we end up on someone's solicitation list. I personally do not shoot Ruger products but have found the company to be reputable in past years. I have to assume they will not abuse the information. I've taken a chance and participated. You might consider to do so as well.
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    Why bother with all that?

    Each of our legislators have a website and you can easily send them a msg from there.

    A personal msg is better than a "Form Letter".

    They will, of course, ask for identification information.

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    Just more stuff we have been asked to not put here but in the sticky set up for it. If this simple rule can't be followed by gun owners maybe the anti's are on to something.
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