Had a timber buyer coming to my farm today to cut some black walnut trees so went out before leaving for work to pull some traps I was afraid he would squish with his skidder as I like to set in the lanes!
First set was a hay set that I had taken a coyote on 2 weeks ago and I had a nice suprise with this nicely furred critter!

Pulled the traps and checked another - zilch, ground is in poor shape as we had 1 in of rain and then it froze Sat night - since I planned to pull everything this Sat anyway I didn't bother with remakes. However, everything did have waxed dirt so a few were still able to come through!
Next set had this nice male dancing around!

Note the "stick" behind him to the right - urine post set with sheeps wool on it. Should have had a double as another one had stepped square on the pan but ground was just to hard! Drats! Sorry its fuzzy and dark - guess I am getting shakey, but you can make out the paw print in the frost....

Here is a better angle showing how close I set my posts usually, sometimes I will lay 3 sets this close if I have xtra steel.