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Thread: Parkerizing and Feedback

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    Default Parkerizing and Feedback

    There doesn't seem to be a "feedback" forum, but it's a gunsmithing topic too. Just got back a Browning HiPower that I had re-parkerized at Alaska Curstom Firearms on Old Seward Hwy right above Dimond. The same folks who sponsor the Shooting sub-forum. Job was very, very well done. The gun had developed some heavy rust from some shampoo that spilled across it while in storage, and it was pretty thick. They got it all off to the point that you can't tell it was ever there. If I was home I'd post up some good pics. But my props go out to them for now.

    I love a nice parkerized finish. In this environment, it's very appropriate. Keep it oiled and it'll endure the SE-AK weather just fine, and I'm not afraid of a high polished blue getting ruined.

    Anyone need a parkerizing job done, they are highly recommended.

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    I had my 375h&h parkerized at wild west. It's a guide gun and lots of time around Kodiak and the sound had gotten it pretty rusty a few times. Hasn't gotten rusty since and the coat seems to wear well. Wish I could say the same for my stock.


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