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Thread: Volvo Penta D3-220

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    Default Volvo Penta D3-220

    I've got a 24 Ft Skagit Orca with the 5.8Fsi. I really like the boat and am considering a repower, probably not for at least 3 years though. Does anyone have any experience with the aluminum block D3. I spoke with the Volvo Penta rep at the Seattle Boat show last year and he told me they had specs for this engine in a 24 ft Sea Sport, but I just haven't gotten around to contacting him for the performance numbers from that install. If anyone has any info on it I'd sure appreciate your input. Thanks

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    Yes, I put twins in a 32 just say NO. Blown head gasket, 5 blown oil coolers, 3 Belt idlers, turbo problems, and the thing would go into safe mode for no reason 50 miles from home. If you are going to repower get a real motor. I sold the boat for less than the price of two motors and gave away the spare motor. If you want any info PM.


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