I'm envious of the world you live and work in. I'm landlocked in Orlando, FL working for a ravenous rodent and wishing I had chosen a better career path more able to satisfy my dream.

I'd have to probably win the lottery to do it though. I have a dream to one day own an amphibian in Alaska and fly the Fjords of Southeast AK.

For now, I can only do this using a flight simulator and computer flight yoke attached to my desk. My appreciation for what the real world pilot does is growing everytime I load up Microsoft Flight Simulator and download the real weather I'm about to take off into.

I have the ability to hit "CTRL, ALT, DEL" when that imposing mountainside or treetop is closing in on my nose. You don't. You are an amazing lot and I aspire to be that good someday.

For now, I can practice navigation in the fjords and learn the lay of the land. It's not the real world, but for now, it'll have to do. I have 28 hours of realworld in a C152 but that was in '98 and I've yet to continue my Private Pilot training due to $$$ and time constraints.

Thanks for lreading and I have so many questions to ask, I hope you don't mind that I pick the experts brains a little.

I hope you don't mind a computer bush pilot that want's to learn from the ones that really do it.

Fair winds and following seas,