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  • Yes, restrict repeat violators to 10 access to only "Sticky" 2A

    8 72.73%
  • No, Continue to allow a few members to "Hi-Jack threads for endless "CAUSTIC" Political Rants.

    3 27.27%
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Thread: Would you favor a 10 days in the "COOLER" 4 repeat rant violations.....???

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    Default Would you favor a 10 days in the "COOLER" 4 repeat rant violations.....???

    GIVEN That:

    Okay folks, it's time to move on. The Sandy Hook / Second Amendment debate will continue for some time, and we have allowed some pretty free discussion of that here, even relaxing our restrictions on political posts. But now it's time to move on to regular business. If you have 2A posts to make, please post those in the sticky in the shooting forum. Let's get back on track with the really good stuff!

    Future political, gun rights, religious freedom posts will be deleted as before...


    Would you favor repeat violators being denied access to ALL parts of the Forum accept The Sticky for "Second Amendment" endless caustic Ranting, for say 10 days...???

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    NOTE: The first choice should read Restrict repeat offenders to access to ONLY the sticky: 2A for a period of (10) TEN Days.

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    I wonder if this forum will crash from overload tomorrow.......???


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