A while back I got a 10/22 stock for free from a guy who got overspray on it when painting his garage. I finally got around to stripping and sanding it. Ive done food coloring dye on other stocks, so I refined my method a little. This time, I mixed food coloring into the boiled linseed oil and it's turning the wood an amazing rose-color dark red while still highlighting the grain. I mixed a little bit too much oil though, so I'd rather use it than dump it out and the linseed oil will break down after a while being exposed to the oxygen.

If anyone has a crap 10/22 (or similar 22) stock they dont want or need, I'd be interested. If someone has a beat up one that they'd like re-done I'd be willing to color and re-do it for a bottle of whiskey or something. Light color wood is best for the dye I'm using. Shoot me a PM if you have one. A birch stock would be ideal.

Here's a picture of a previous project. The current mix is a little different, a little more brighter red.