Got this email for Argo Ed thought I'd pass it on.
Hello Argo Enthusiast,

It's Argo Ed from letting you know about a great
group buy opportunity that we would like to extend to all of our Alaskan

The factory has challenged us to help them move some units while the
economy is still a little slow by offering us a dealer discount if we
buy a select amount of Argo's from the factory at one time. I would
like to pass on the discount they are offering our dealer as well as the
current $1000 consumer accessory rebate (On all models excluding the
Frontier 580, XTI and Centaur) plus a free two year extended warranty
(Excluding Frontier 580, XTI and Centaur) that covers the transmission
and chassis for 2 years. The savings over standard pricing is amazing
and this offer is definitely a limited time offer to us by the factory.

Why am I offering this deal to my Alaska customers? Well its easier
for me to offer a group buy since you all use or have friends that use
Argo's on a regular basis, plus I am saving you a substantial amount of
money over the Anchorage dealer. Not only am I offering a huge savings
on an accessorized unit, but if I can sell a minimum of 4 units in
Alaska I will offer $300 shipping per unit to Seattle (Regular $650).
You then can choose what barge company you want to use to have them
shipped to a port of your choice in Alaska. You would be responsible
for arranging the shipping with the barge company as well as payment to
them. If we don't get 4 units then the shipping to Seattle would be
$650 each. If you would like a complete shipping quote right to the
port we can do that too.

Its hard to pass this deal up and all quotes and orders will need to be
placed no later then February 25th, 2013. There is no maximum to the
number of units you can order. If you have friends, family, or a
company that has been looking to upgrade, pass this e-mail on to them.
The savings is too good to pass up.

So how do you get a quote? Pretty simple. I have attached an
accessory build sheet for the HDI 8x8 model, but if you would like a
quote on another vehicle such as the new XTI or HD 700, e-mail me at and I will send you over the accessory sheet for
that model. Go down the list of accessories and factory build items
that you would want the factory to install for you. Once you have all
the items selected send me an e-mail like the format below with the
below requested information. Once received I will then respond with a
custom quote and our best deal to get you a new 2013 Argo. From the
past units I have shipped up, many customers prefer to install select
accessories themselves, please note those accessories you will be
installing yourself like the examples below.