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Thread: Russian River Camping

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    Thumbs up Russian River Camping

    Are there any other decent camping spots other than the Russian River Campground which is already full? I'm planning on heading down tomorrow night but want to stay a night or two and not just stay in one of the parking lots.

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    Default Options to camping at Russian River Campground


    You might try Quartz Creek campground to your left just as you come to Kenai Lake. There is also limited camping at Cooper Creek, or you could opt for the Upper Skilak campground or Hidden Lake. Between the three you should be able to find something. I don't know exactly what you're looking for, but you could always just pitch a tent in the woods somewhere off the Skilak Loop Road or perhaps even off of Snug Harbor Road on the left as you cross the bridge across the lower end of Kenai Lake? Haven't been back there in a while... maybe they've "civilized" it all by now...

    That should get you started.

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    Default Reserve ahead...

    Although this will not assist you now, it certainly will assist you in the future if the Russian is your destination. I never have to worry about finding a spot at the Russian River Campground, ever. I do not wait in line, I do not sweat a space, and I cruise into it secure.


    Once into the site, you can navigate to your spot exactly where and when you want it. Reserve ahead and have peace of mind. I simply can't imagine a more reasonable approach...


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